The Wands

The Wands were a Danish duo composed of lifelong friends, Christian Skibdal and Mads Gräs. The Danish part is more than just a marker of their national identites: it’s an indication of the unique niche they’ve carved out for themselves within the Scandinavian psych scene. In this scene, you have neo-psych bands, and then you have The Wands—a band that isn’t neo-psych as much as it is truly psychedelic, precisely in the way it was meant to be in the ’60s and ’70s. This organic embodiment lies in The Wands’ ability to simultaneously conjure acidy, hazy soundscapes and straight up classic rock ’n roll; in their ability to strike a balance between joyful lightheartedness of sound and utmost commitment to musical innovation; and in their music that swells with sound exhilaratingly rich and expansive, yet also highlights the distinct authenticity and human quality of the vocals and the instruments. The Wands truly embody the essence of psych music because they don’t just stick to one brand of it: they aren’t afraid to expand their sound along with their minds, and continue building their skill as musicians while they’re at it.

The Wands signed to Fuzz Club Records in 2012; since then, they’ve released an EP, have played prestigious festivals such as Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia and Eurosonic, and are about to release a debut album before embarking on a 7-week UK/European tour. One can try to describe The Wands, but after all, they’re truly psychedelic—to fully immerse yourself in The Wands experience, you have to see them live.


The Wands always keep on the right side of pastiche by way of freak-fuzz guitars, churchy organ and ace tunes. Funny, serious and very groovy ” – UNCUT MAGAZINE (8/10)

“The Wands have produced a marvellous piece of work for their first ‘long player’. The Dawn is a mesmeric concoction of ditties old and new – as a full album it is an all-pervading wall-of-sound that infuses the straight up raw and gritty with a wild, kaleidoscopic, aural abandon. A complex record, yet clearly defined” – ARTROCKER MAGAZINE (4/5)

“Rummaging through the past to concoct their vision of the present, it’s both mesmeric and revealing.” – 7/10 DROWNED IN SOUND

“It’s hypnotic, like a Mazzy Star record, but nonchalant like The Stooges and it draws influence from all the right places. This is a more than accomplished debut from a band that will go on to great things.” – 9/10 VAPOUR TRAIL