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Dead Rabbits - Everything Is A Lie CD

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Southampton’s Dead Rabbits have been Fuzz Club favourites for a while now, releasing both of their astonishing LPs The Ticket That Exploded (2013) and Time Is Your Only Enemy (2014) on the label. Their completely sold-out debut LP The Ticket That Explodes was recently given a long-overdue repress, gently reminding every one of the bands unmatched psychedelic bliss.

“To put it simply, it’s a bit of masterpiece and one that is going to be regarded as the high point of this whole new psych movement” Echoes and Dust.

Everything Is a Lie follows on from their debut and yet again reaffirms the band as one of the most exciting and refreshing outfits in the wave of current shoegaze bands. It’s the mesmerising concoction of shoegaze, neo-psych and post-punk, delivered with a lethargic but hopeful restraint that is pinning the band at the top of the UKs fruitful ‘psych-gaze’ scene and Everything Is a Lie is certain to keep them sitting there comfortable for a while.

Dead Rabbits 3rd album is out on CD and digital September 5th.

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