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American Primitive

Pre-Order: Nero Kane - Love In A Dying World

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Nero Kane is the nickname of Marco Mezzadri, a songwriter and musician already known in the Italian underground scene. After the release of his rock-wave album Lust Soul under the name NERO in 2016, he is focusing on a new intimate, minimal and decadent path. Folk-rock-blues voice and guitar combine European roots with American desert sounds in a project full of dark and emotional visions.

Love In A Dying World is the name of Nero Kane’s debut album, recorded and produced at Valley Recording Company in Los Angeles by Joe Cardamone (The Icarus Line/ Holy War), who collaborated with Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cult, The Stooges, Warren Ellis and many others. The album, released under American Primitive, an art collective founded by Cardamone, features ten tracks, arranged and played entirely by Kane and Cardamone. All lyrics were written by Kane. A soul moved by melancholy dreams and need of deep emotions in a solitary world: love, death, decadence and loneliness are the themes expressed in Love in A Dying World with a poetic and spiritual vein. “Wrought with desolate imagery and looming darkness, Nero’s recent single offers a glimpse of the young artist’s mind, which opts for minimalist approaches to psychic conventions. The easiest path to the destination is a straight line, and Nero’s aim is true.” All Things Go (USA), October 2018.


Date of release: November 30th, 2018