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The Orange Kyte - Says Yes!

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In the fall of 2017, Irish transplants Stevie Moonboots [vox, guitar, bass, percussion] and Dave Mulvaney [drums, percussion], together with Mat Durie [organ, guitar, vox, percussion], bunkered down at Invisible Recordings. The resulting album, The Orange Kyte Says Yes!, sees Vancouver's Orange Kyte capturing a concise collection of songs, tighter and more focused than before while remaining as playful and scatterbrained as ever. Unlike predecessor Grow It Right, which was concocted over the course of a year under a variety of recording conditions and with a revolving door of contributors, The Orange Kyte Says Yes!' sees the band operating more as a conventional unit than its previous psychedelic solo/collaborative incarnation. The album was largely recorded in one studio, utilizing the same personnel on each track, with additional contributions from Bryan Nicol [Dead Ghosts], Peter Holmstrom [The Dandy Warhols], and Matty Reed [The Prettys]. 

Spanning 34 minutes, The Orange Kyte Says Yes! has its roots in ‘60s psych via ‘80s/’90s British post-punk and indie. This is a weirdo-pop exploration into a world of goats sporting anti-establishment haircuts where Elvis, in fact, shot J.F.K. 

Engineered by Christopher Ellis, mixed by Chris van der Laan at Our Donkey Party, and mastered by Greg Mindorff at Suite Sound Labs