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The Oscillation - Beyond The Mirror : Rare and Unreleased Tracks

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Over the course of three albums in the shape of Out Of Phase (2007), Veils (2011) and From Tomorrow (2013), The Oscillation has come to be established as one of the premier voyagers and navigators of the politics of consciousness. While the purity of their vision is diluted in lesser hands in an ever-expanding scene, The Oscillation’s dexterity in moulding and manipulating sound into an aural kaleidoscope remains undiminished. Presented here is a collection of not only rare and previously released material grabbed by eager hands but also a handful gems that are finally seeing the light of day. In doing so, The Oscillation are giving off more than a reflection of their talents; here, they’re offering something much more and go beyond the mirror. Four of these tracks have already been released as b-sides and limited EPs, all of which have sold out. The unreleased tracks are expressions that haven't been able to fit on previous albums but demand your attention to present another side of The Oscillation.Which, of course, they do. ‘Waste the Day’ (b-side of Record Store Day release 'No Place To Go') is a groove-based beast that moves confidently in and around broad strokes of sound. But it’s with the unreleased material where the jewels shine with hypnotic and glorious wonder. ‘Endless Oblivion’ shimmers in a loaded haze as ‘The Detour’.

500 Copies only on black vinyl. Out on All Time Low.