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The Telescopes - As Light Return

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As Light Return is The Telescopes' second album for the Hamburg label Tapete Records, following the release of Hidden Fields in 2015. The new album maintains the balance of it’s predecessor, setting a parallel course between song based noise structures and freeform impressionism, while containing some of The Telescopes most crucial listening so far. "Every record I make is different from any others I have made so there is no control to measure against except to say that The Telescopes house has many rooms and, like the previous album, this album takes a peak inside every room rather than remaining in one. Yet despite having an uplifting album title, the subject matter on these recordings is a lot darker than on Hidden Fields." Tracks like "You Can’t Reach What You Hunger", "Hand Full Of Ashes" as well as the album's similarly titled 14-minute closer "Handfull Of Ashes" seem to contain an innate wisdom for the listener to decipher. "It’s human nature that interests me. I can be thinking about something very specific that I want to write about, then realise the basic thread I am following could be applied to a completely different subject altogether. I could break down each song and explain the thoughts behind every line and musical decisions made, but I feel it is intrusive on any personal connection the listener may have with the music. I don’t like things to get too literal."