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Tough Love

Ulrika Spacek - The Album Paranoia - Vinyl

£10.99 GBP

Ulrika Spacek is a British experimental rock band formed in Berlin by Rhys Edwards and Rhys Williams, relocated to Homerton, London.  Work on debut album The Album Paranoia began in the summer of 2014 in the band’s shared house KEN, and was finished there last month and is out now on Tough Love.

In conjunction to the making of The Album Paranoia, the band has curated a number of nights under the name Oysterland combining their first live performances with a series of exhibitions. The band's music has drawn various interpretations, a cross pollination of hypnotic fuzz, Verlain-Malkmus guitar idiosyncrasies and intertwining feelings of both angst and melancholia.

1. I Don’t Know
2. Porcelain
3. Circa 1954
4. Strawberry Glue
5. Beta Male
6. NK
7. Ultra Vivid
8. She’s A Cult
9. There’s A Little Passing Cloud in You
10. Airportism