Influences: Holy Wave on the music that shaped 'Interloper'

“If you want to take a break from this world, try Another Green one": From The Fugees and The Kinks to Brian Eno and Grouper, Holy Wave talk us through their influences ahead of the release of new LP ‘Interloper’

With their new album ‘Interloper’ out this Friday, we got Holy Wave to talk us through some of the albums, songs and artists that mean the most to them, their current favourites and those that have been a particular influence on their work.


Generating thick layers of sound that twist and turn through a complex labyrinth of reverb and echo, the new album from the Austin psych-pop group sees them add new layers to their lush and mesmerising songwriting style. Written about the duality between life at home and life on the road, 'Interloper' sees the band expanding on their most esoteric and thought-provoking themes. 

You can check out the latest single ‘Hell Bastards’ below and pre-order the album on white vinyl here (we’re all sold out of the Fuzz Club exclusive pressing but we’ve got some additional copies in from out friends at the Reverberation Appreciation Society).



Air - Talkie Walkie (Joey Cook)

"I think the influence of Air is always there in a lot of music we like and the music we make. ‘Interloper’, as an album, and more specifically, the song ‘Interloper’, showcases our sometimes forgotten, but ever present love of Air."


The Fugees - The Score (Kyle Hager)

"The Score by The Fugees is a perfect album to listen to in these trying times. Though it was released 24 years ago, this record is jam-packed with poetry that is still very relevant today. This album inspires us to make music that is not only enjoyable to listen to, but also socially aware. The themes cover a large range of social issues including, but not limited to: protesting police prejudice and violence, the struggles of the modern woman, living life as a refugee in your own country, and even an anthem to wearing masks (different context, but somehow relevant and prophetic). 

Not to mention this is all wrapped in the beautiful expression of impeccable music taste and knowledge with samples that range from: Spanish guitar classic “Recuerdos de la Alhambra”  to The Flamingos to The Delfonics to Bob Marley to The Moody Blues to contemporaries like A Tribe Called Quest. You will never waste a moment listening to this record. Black Lives Matter, Black Rhymes Matter, Black Women Matter, Black Minds Matter."



Total Control - Typical System (Dustin Zozaya)

"The synth work on this record is so good. There’s a lot of keys in Holy Wave, and so this album gives me some inspiration on how to tastefully fill gaps and fit melodies together."



Grouper - Cover the Windows and the Walls (Julian Ruiz)

"It’s weird to listen to Grouper with a bunch of people so it’s kinda perfect for the quarantine days. "



Sumo - Mejor No Hablar de Ciertas Cosas (Ryan Fuson)

"Sumo is a band that should be a lot more popular than they are, but their legend is kinda trapped down there in Argentina with a lot of other bands from the past and present. I hope more people start to pay attention to that part of the world. They have wonderful secrets."



Big Supermarket - 1800 (Julian Ruiz)

"I fell in love with this album right before the lockdown so it’s been playing the whole time. Australians seem to pump out hits with ease and this album confirms that."


Ascending - Earthlings (Joey Cook)

"This EP made me forget other music for about a month. It’s sad, I guess, but it makes me happy. The music and the previous statement."


Brian Eno - Another Green World (Kyle Hager)

"Another Green World is the place I want to go to these days. Eno effortlessly designs an environment outside of our own. Minutes into this record you will find yourself in another place, another time, another dimension. It’s truly an escape from the horrors of 2020 and will give you a moment to meditate and breathe. The guitar work by Robert Fripp is untouchable and the melodies woven by these wizards will echo through the universe infinitely (it’s almost as if they always have). I can only hope that our music can create half of the environment that Eno does. If you want to take a break from this world, try Another Green one."


Alessandro Cortini - Forse 1 (Dustin Zozaya)


"The tones on this record are amazing. It’s like a study on how important the tone of your instrument is to the overall picture."



The Kinks - Dead End Street (Ryan Fuson)

"Ray Davies is just so damn good at making a pop song so important. He cared about people and his songs are amazing because of it."

The Men - New York City

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