With a Fuzz Club Membership subscription, you will receive a monthly package including a limited version of a new Fuzz Club release from that month. There is also a quarterly option available that will include three records. 

Members also get 10/15% off across the store, as well as free worldwide shipping on all other orders by merging them with the membership package*. From time to time we will also run exclusive members-only sales and discounts.

The monthly membership records will be the same across all subscription options. 


Upcoming Membership Records: 

May 2023: Moonwalks - Western Mystery Tradition (Membership exclusive clear blue LP, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies)
June 2023: The Men - Fuzz Club Session (Coloured double LP, limited to 500 copies)
July 2023: Night Beats - Rajan (180g Malachite Green vinyl with a fold-out art poster, limited to 350 hand-numbered copies)
Previous Membership Records:

March 2023: Golden Hours - Golden Hours (Membership exclusive clear green LP, printed inner-sleeve, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies)

April 2023: The Black Delta Movement - Recovery Effects (Membership exclusive 'Black in Red' LP, printed inner-sleeve, limited to 250 hand-numbered copies)

February 2023: Throw Down Bones - Three (180g grey and white 'cornetto' vinyl, printed inner-sleeve, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies, exclusive to Fuzz Club store and membership)

January 2023:The Men - New York City (180g black vinyl, hand-numbered gatefold sleeve, printed inner-sleeve, limited to 300 copies, exclusive to Fuzz Club store and membership)

December 2022: Los Palms - Skeleton Ranch (180g bone coloured vinyl, limited to 500 copies) 

November 2022: Breanna Barbara - Nothin' But Time (180g clear blue vinyl, gatefold sleeve, limited to 500 copies)

October 2022: The Vacant Lots - Closure (180g clear and black quad vinyl with a hand-numbered gatefold sleeve and printer inner sleeve)
September 2022: Dead Rabbits - A Different Place (180g transparent red vinyl)
August 2022: Wet Satin - Wet Satin (180g baby pink vinyl)
July 2022: Pretty Lightning - Dust Moves (180g orange vinyl, hand-numbered sleeve)
June 2022: Flying Moon In Space - Zwei (180g milky clear vinyl, gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeve)
May 2022 (#1): Al Lover - Cosmic Joke (180g red and blue swirl vinyl, hand-numbered gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeve, 62x62cm poster)
May 2022 (#2): Black Lizard - Heads (180g sky blue vinyl, hand-numbered)
March 2022: Ashinoa - L'Orée (Ultra-clear vinyl in a gatefold sleeve)
February 2022: Warm Graves - Ease (Ltd hand-numbered coloured double LP)
January 2022: Flying Moon In Space - 12" Remix EP 
December 2021: Sei Still - El Refugio (Deluxe Edition)
November 2021: Electric Eye - Horizons (Deluxe Edition)
October 2021: The Gluts - Ungrateful Heart (Deluxe Edition)
September 2021: 10 000 Russos - Superinertia (Deluxe Edition)
August 2021: The Third Sound - First Light (180g Coloured Vinyl)
July 2021: Acid Dad - Take It From The Dead (Exclusive Fuzz Club Edition)
June 2021: New Candys - VYVYD (Fuzz Club Exclusive Deluxe Edition)
May 2021: Cult Of Dom Keller - They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O (Gold LP Deluxe Edition)
April 2021: Veik - Surrounding Structures (Fuzz Club Exclusive)
March 2021: The Underground Youth - The Falling (Deluxe Edition)
February 2021: Mt Mountain - Centre (Fuzz Club Exclusive Deluxe Edition)
January 2021: Lumerians - Fuzz Club Session (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version)
December 2020: Helicon - Fuzz Club Session  (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version) + Night Beats 7" (black vinyl)
November 2020: Flying Moon In Space - ST Album (Deluxe Version)
October 2020: The Spyrals - Same Old Line (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version) + The Vacant Lots 7" remixed by Robert Levon Been of BRMC. 
September 2020: Singapore Sling - Good Sick Fun  (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version)



- Due to the nature of vinyl record manufacturing, we have to limit the memberships to a certain number. If there are no more memberships available, please email us on mail@fuzzclub.com and we can put you on the waiting list. We should be able to increase the number of memberships every 2-3 months but this depends on the turnaround time for vinyl at the time. In worst cases, this can be 6-8 months. 
- You can cancel the membership at any time, but if you want to rejoin and there are no memberships available you will have to go on the waiting list. 
- Your membership will start the following month after you sign up. For example, if you sign up in July your membership will start in August. 
- To merge a recent order with your next membership package, email mail@fuzzclub.com with the order number and we will refund shipping and do the rest.