Influences: Singapore Sling on the songs that inspired ‘Good Sick Fun’

Icelandic artist discusses the artists and songs that influenced his latest record, out now on Fuzz Club


A couple of weeks back, Reykjavík maverick Henrik Björnsson released his eleventh album under the Singapore Sling moniker, ‘Good Sick Fun’. A collection of nihilistic, scuzzy rock’n’roll, the record took influence from dub, goth-rock and big-band jazz as well as the usual fuzzed-out hedonists that have remained a touchstone of the extensive Sling back-catalogue. To celebrate the record’s release, Henrik talked us through some of the songs that shaped the new full-length. 

Talking about the selection of tracks, Henrik says: “It’s mainly the songs I don't hear that influence my records. And the songs I hear inside my head. And it's hearing other people's garbage that makes me want to make and release a record. But here is a list of songs I have found inspiring. More than often it’s the beats.” From Bikini Kill and The Doors to Gene Vincent and Ray Anthony, here’s a glimpse into the songs that the Sling sound is indebted to. You can pick up 'Good Sick Fun' on vinyl and CD here.


Gene Vincent - Bird Doggin’

“Everything that makes rock’n’roll great. If an alien or some stupid asshole asked me what rock’n’roll is I’d play them this.”



Ray Anthony - Dragnet Theme

“The big fucking drums that come in after 30 seconds. There are similarities between jazz and early rock´n´roll. It’s all about a beat, a groove and a feel. I don´t get people who say they love rock´n´roll but hate jazz. Imagine this all dark, psychotic and evil.”



Angie & The Citations - Headache

“And people who say they hate the saxophone obviously haven’t heard this.”


Jerry Warren - Rompin’

“Or this.”



Bikini Kill - New Radio

“This song is fucking kick ass. I have their singles album in the car. So it´s kind of the soundtrack to my drives.”


The Ole Miss Down Beats - Geraldine  

“Again it’s the beat. The feel and the groove. This and Angie & The Citations’ Headache are from ‘Keb Darge and Little Edith's Legendary Wild Rockers’ which is also the soundtrack to my road trips.”


Russian Girls - Amfetamíngangsterar


“Gulli mixed and produced the record with me and Tanja sang on it so their influence was considerable.”


The Doors - Not To Touch The Earth

“We covered this last time we played. It’s the perfect song for the Sling to cover. And it re-ignited my love for The Doors and their strange, dark, keyboard driven music.”


The Men - New York City

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