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Saccades shares video for 'Like Everyday'

Posted on December 08 2020

Saccades shares video for 'Like Everyday'

Nicholas Wood of The KVB shares video for 'Like Everyday', the latest single from his Saccades solo project


Saccades, the solo project of The KVB’s Nicholas Wood, is today sharing the video for new single ‘Like Everyday. Inspired by lockdown paranoia and JG Ballard’s ‘High-Rise’ novel, ‘Like Everyday’ is a piece of breezy, blissed-out synth pop. Using game engines and depth sense cameras, the video was made by visual artist Kat Day (Nick’s wife and the other half of The KVB) and sees a distorted 3D hologram of Nick performing in a desolate, sun-kissed brutalist metropolis. You can check it out below.

Talking about ‘Like Everyday’, Nick says: “This song was written back in spring and it's about the idea of someone living their life through watching another person's facade of luxury. This year I've often read about people spying on their neighbours because of lockdown and so I imagined this song all taking place in a Ballard-esque world of paranoia, isolation and opulent high-rises, set against a fizzy synth-pop soundtrack.”