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Save on shipping and receive 3 records every quarter and 10% off on all other orders from our store and Fuzz Club events. The package will contain the most deluxe version of a new album release from that month. The membership records for each month will be the same across all the subscription options. 

Including free worldwide delivery! By using your unique membership number you'll get 10% off on all other orders from our store and can even get free shipping by adding it to your monthly membership package delivery. 

You will also get 10% off on Fuzz Club events* (like the Fuzz Club Eindhoven festival for example). 

Upcoming Membership Records:  

July 2024: ORB - Tailem Bend

August 2024: RMFTM - Vomitorium

September 2024: TBA

October 24: Nice Biscuit

Previous Membership Records:

June 2024: The Gluts - Bang!

May 2024: YOBS - YOBS

April 2024: MELTS - Field Theory

March 2024: Beans - Boots N Cats

February 2024: Elephant Stone - Back Into The Dream

January 2024: The Telescopes - Growing Eyes Becoming String

December 2023: Crayola Eyes - Gushing

November 2023: Verstärker - Jenseits

October 2023: The Vacant Lots - Interiors

September 2023: DAIISTAR - Good Time

August 2023: Routine Death - Comrade

July 2023: Night Beats - Rajan

June 2023: The Men - Fuzz Club Session

May 2023: Moonwalks - Western Mystery Tradition

April 2023: The Black Delta Movement - Recovery Effects

March 2023: Golden Hours - Golden Hours

February 2023: Throw Down Bones - Three

January 2023: The Men - New York City

December 2022: Los Palms - Skeleton Ranch

November 2022: Breanna Barbara - Nothin' But Time

October 2022: The Vacant Lots - Closure

September 2022: Dead Rabbits - A Different Place

August 2022: Wet Satin - S/T

July 2022: Pretty Lightning - Dust Moves

June 2022: Flying Moon In Space - Zwei

May 2022 (#1): Al Lover - Cosmic Joke (180g red and blue swirl vinyl, hand-numbered gatefold sleeve, printed inner sleeve, 62x62cm poster)

May 2022 (#2): Black Lizard - Heads (180g sky blue vinyl, hand-numbered)

March 2022: Ashinoa - L'Orée (Ultra-clear vinyl in a gatefold sleeve)

February 2022: Warm Graves - Ease (Ltd hand-numbered coloured double LP)

January 2022: Flying Moon In Space - 12" Remix EP 

December 2021: Sei Still - El Refugio (Deluxe Edition)

November 2021: Electric Eye - Horizons (Deluxe Edition) 

October 2021: The Gluts - Ungrateful Heart (Deluxe Edition)

September 2021: 10 000 Russos - Superinertia (Deluxe Edition)

August 2021: The Third Sound - First Light (180g Coloured Vinyl)

July 2021: Acid Dad - Take It From The Dead (Exclusive Fuzz Club Edition)

June 2021: New Candys - VYVYD (Fuzz Club Exclusive Deluxe Edition)

May 2021: Cult Of Dom Keller - They Carried The Dead In A U.F.O (Gold LP Deluxe Edition)

April 2021: Veik - Surrounding Structures (Fuzz Club Exclusive)

March 2021: The Underground Youth - The Falling (Deluxe Edition)

February 2021: Mt Mountain - Centre (Fuzz Club Exclusive Deluxe Edition)

January 2021: Lumerians - Fuzz Club Session (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version)

December 2020: Helicon - Fuzz Club Session  (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version) + Night Beats 7" (black vinyl)

November 2020: Flying Moon In Space - ST Album (Deluxe Version)

October 2020: The Spyrals - Same Old Line (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version) + The Vacant Lots 7" remixed by Robert Levon Been of BRMC. 

September 2020: Singapore Sling - Good Sick Fun  (Fuzz Club Exclusive Version)


Due to the nature of vinyl record manufacturing, we have to limit the memberships to a certain number. If there are no more memberships available, please email us on mail@fuzzclub.com and we can put you on the waiting list. We should be able to increase the number of memberships every 2-3 months but this depends on the turnaround time for vinyl at the time. In worst cases, this can be 6-8 months.  

You can cancel the membership at any time, but if you want to rejoin and there are no memberships available you will have to go on the waiting list. 

Your membership will start the following month after you sign up. For example, if you sign up in July your membership will start in August. 

*A Fuzz Club event is a show or other type of event put on by Fuzz Club. A show with a band associated with Fuzz Club but put on by another promotor is not considered a Fuzz Club event.  The discount is only for one ticket per show per member.

Membership discounts can not be used on memberships. 

Recurring quarterly payment.