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Japan’s krautrock fetishists lock into languid and motorik grooves echoing the legacies of Can, Guru Guru, Neu! and the longhairs of German experimental rock lore.

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Nimbly working within the frameworks of classic late ‘60s to ‘70s krautrock, the quartet weave a tight rolling rhythmic lattice of Kosei Terunuma’s drums and Keita Ise’s well-oiled bass, where Taku Idemoto and Kyotaro Miula flesh the spindly but funky bones with textured, lissom and melodic electric guitar, synth and sparing vocals clearly channelling Damo Suzuki’s tenure with Can. Their 3rd studio album is also their first recorded since moving from Tokyo to Berlin, where the city’s ascetic cool has patently seeped into the bones of their sound, and more subtly the cosmic weltanschauung of their precedents. 

The residual, proximal buzz of the original longhairs’ LSD consumption some 50 years ago lingers in Minami Deutsch’s shimmering lines of melodic thought and combusting grooves across the album from the Düsseldorfer drive of ‘Your Pulse’ thru the fantasies of ‘Floating Mountain’ and the limen-crossing lushness of ‘The Border’. A steady handedness tempers proceedings in the Can-like shuffle and lilt of ’Still Foggy’, with echoes of jumpy blues likewise yoked back with Can’s smarts on ‘Grumpy Joa’, but their astral inclinations lend an extra attraction as the album unfolds with plangent Afro-latin rock inspirations of ‘Pueblo’ and folksy wonder of ‘Interpreters of Forest’ giving way to the soaring vectors of ‘Whereabouts’ and the glowing flesh feels of ‘Stellar Waffle’ with its squelchy synths and lusting guitar vamps.