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Fuzz Club

The Gluts - Fuzz Club Session

£15.00 GBP

We dragged The Gluts from their native Milan to bring them aboard Soup Studio, a boat turned recording studio in East London's Trinity Buoy Wharf. A formidable live force, the session sees them scorch their way through six tracks of relentless, grimacing noise-punk that captures the band's snarling, fuzzed-out power in all it's glory - translating just as well in the studio as it does when they're on stage. The LP, due for release November 9th, contains five tracks from their Fuzz Club released sophomore album, Estasi (2017), and one cut from their debut album Warsaw (2014). 


Pressing Info:
Fuzz Club Exclusive (/100 white vinyl)
Standard Vinyl (/200 black vinyl)