10 000 Russos

João Pimenta (drums/vocals), Pedro Pestana (guitar) and André Couto (bass), emerged from what they call “a dark, decadent city of a peripheral country in a peripheral continent”: Porto, Portugal. They formed in 2012 and soon released a four track EP, triggering some national buzz and, as many great guitar bands these days, they stumbled upon the international Psych community. They eventually shared stages with the likes of A Place To Bury Strangers and Wooden Shjips.

In opposition to most of their peers, 10,000 Russos have concentrated on creating soundscapes of the subconscious. The working environment has been fundamental to the flow of their long, obscure urban jams. Recalling the savage and repetitive progressions of Neu! and the longest and grimmest drones of Suicide, the marching heartbeat in the background gives the music the stomp of a solemn drumming ritual across the wastelands of the mind. Two years on from their widely-praised debut and the band have released their sophomore LP 'Distress Distress' - their dark, droning noise is twisted, distorted and pushed to its limit. ‘Distress Distress’ is so ritualistic and industrial it see’s their usual post-punk sound pushed within an inch of techno territory with its abrasive, metronomic rhythms. Since signing to Fuzz Club the band have gone on to be labeled as one of psychedelic music's most exciting new outputs and have toured consistently across the UK and Europe, stopping off at a number of different festivals along the way.

The band released their third full-length "Kompromat" in 2019.

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Band Contact: dezmilrussos@gmail.com

Label Contact: jack@fuzzclub.com