Verstärker drop sprawling new single and video ‘Jenseits des Jenseits’ ahead of the release of 'Jenseits' on Oct 27th

Verstärker drop sprawling new single and video ‘Jenseits des Jenseits’ ahead of the release of 'Jenseits' on Oct 27th

American instrumental trio Verstärker are dropping the sprawling new single and video ‘Jenseits des Jenseits’ – a 10-minute near-eponmyous cut from their recently announced second album ‘Jenseits’. Honed on the sounds of krautrock, post-punk, no wave, and drone, Verstärker’s new full-length is out October 27th on Fuzz Club and avaialabe to pre-order here

​​Describing the ‘Jenseits des Jenseits’ track, which sees a tightly-wound motorik bassline charge through hard-hitting percussion and feedback guitar drones, guitarist J. Vitatoe says: “The title translates to ‘beyond the beyond’ — and that is where we felt this track goes; it keeps pushing and pushing. I think of Nietzsche staring into the proverbial void, and the void gazing back. Once you go beyond the breaking point, you venture into the unknown - The Beyond — and this is the space where ultimate freedom can be found. We find it liberating to be lost in the frenzy and kinetic energy of a song.” Vitatoe further explains, “The Beyond is everything and nothing; Being and Non-being; all matter coexisting eternally. Matter can change form through physical and chemical transformation, but the same amount of matter exists before and after the change — none is created or destroyed. It always exists. I think of the vastness of space. We are all molecules of space dust, therefore one with the cosmos at our core, and we try to channel that idea of infinity in our music.”


Expanding on the themes explored on the album as  whole, he adds: “Jenseits as a preposition means ‘beyond’ or ‘on the other side of’, and, as a noun, it means ‘the hereafter” or ‘the next world.’ This dual meaning is the concept that permeates the record. The motorik beat has always been about pushing towards the horizon, the sense of perpetual forward momentum. But eventually, you reach the breaking point and push through to the other side — going beyond the horizon. This is where we were trying to go sonically with this record — beyond.” 


Oct 7 - Nijmegen, NL - De Onderbroek

Oct 8 - Würzburg, DE - Immerhin 

Oct 9 - Münster, DE - Rare Guitar

10-OCT: Hamburg, DE - Bar 227


12-OCT: Berlin, DE - Schokoladen

13-OCT: Leipzig , DE - Noch Besser Leben


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