Wet Satin release their self-titled debut album, stream it now

Wet Satin release their self-titled debut album

Californian duo Wet Satin are releasing their self-titled debut album today on Fuzz Club! A new project from former Lumerians members Jason Miller and Marc Melzer, the new Wet Satin LP is available to stream below and pick up on vinyl here

Wet Satin is a new project that got underway when Miller and Melzer disbanded Lumerians in 2020 and then proceeded to suddenly have a lot of unplanned downtime for some unknown reason. Turning to new sonic tropics, they describe the resulting album's 'Kosmische Tropicale' as "an expression of reverence and enthusiasm growing from a long-time shared obsession with lost Cosmic Disco, Cumbia, Afrofunk and Library Music records. We wanted to make something fun. Not too serious, but not frivolous either. Something that paid respect to its influences by adding a square to the quilt rather than trying to make a replica."

Borne out of a desire to offer up a more uplifting and hedonistic respite from our reigning hellscape, Miller says of Wet Satin’s intentions: “We started writing this album during a pretty bleak and heavy time, which I guess sort of sounds like ‘we started writing this album on a Wednesday’ now, but that's sort of the point too. Aside from jarring events and changes in our lives personally, there's just this relentless cavalcade of horrors, but that's not the entirety of the situation. The significance of catastrophe and cruelties and all else shouldn't be diminished, but it's important for our own sanity to realize what we can and can't control. There is often the opportunity to create good moments or choose to give yourself a break from slow-moving armageddon.”

Wet Satin, they say, is an attempt to create such moments of escape: “There's an endless buffet of suffering you have a lifetime pass to gorge yourself on whenever you want it, but there's also a lesser-known dance club attached where you can work off some of those doom calories. Music has the ability to alter your environment and take you somewhere else. We genuinely had a lot of fun writing and recording this. The process fell somewhere in between over-indulgence and necessary catharsis, but it achieved a kind of balance in the end. It's a travel brochure for a very specifically peculiar psychological terrain. We think you'll have fun there. Try the hot springs.”


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