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The Reverberation Appreciation Society

Christian Bland & The Revelators - Unseen Green Obscene - Vinyl

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Unseen Green Obscene, records the third solo flight from Christian Bland and his band, The Revelators. Like all his work, it’s richly detailed with references to Bland’s musical and artistic influences. Revered touchstones Bo Diddley, Syd Barrett and Brian Wilson are honored here, each with their own track. The label that Bland co-founded with the other producers of Austin Psych Fest, “The Reverberation Appreciation Society” gets it’s own theme song, complete with thunderous gong. His motorcycle gets a sendup too, in “CB160”.

The musical mind of Christian Bland seems to overflow with colors. The lyrics and even titles of his output with his primary project (the psychedelic mothership, The Black Angels) drip with kaleidoscopic imagery. “Indigo Meadow”, “Black Grease”, “You In Color,” … “Yellow Elevator #2”. His side project, Christian Bland & The Revelators has followed a similar path, and has released a red album, 2010’s The Lost Album, and 2012’s Pig Boat Blues.